How it works

How To Get epark

You can download the epark app by visiting or by searching for "epark" in your chosen App Store.

Sign Up Screen

After the app has been installed, the home screen will appear when the app is opened. If you have registered for epark before, you can simply use your existing username and password and Sign In. Otherwise you can click on Sign Up and complete the registration process through the app.

The registration will require you to provide an active email address, register your mobile number, License Plate and register a valid credit card.

Start Screen

The app has been created with simplicity in mind.

If your GPS is switched on, the App will try and find the car park you are in. When several car parks are close together or there are tall buildings which may affect the accuracy of the GPS function, the App may list a site different to the one you are in. To select the correct site, simply click on the Dropdown Box List to find a list of nearby sites you can chose from, or you can click on the Maps button which will open a map view to allow you to choose your site. The rates signage within the car park should have the appropriate site number displayed.

Map Screen

If the MAP button is selected, Google Maps is displayed with all available locations. By tapping on a site marker, the app will display the name of the car park and allow you to select it if correct or exit to find another.

Below the car park name, there is a view pricing link, if pressed this will display the rate's information relevant to the car park selected.

Earlybird Parking Start

Note: The EarlyBird Parking START button will only be available if the product is available at that time in that car park.

Earlybird Confirm

After the Earlybird Parking START button has been selected, a confirmation screen will be displayed requesting to confirm your parking or you can cancel, or press OK to confirm.

Casual Parking Start

For Casual Parking, simply ensure you are in the correct car park and you are using the same rego number (or tap on it to change) and hit START MY PARKING.

Confirmation Screen

The Confirmation screen will appear. You can either click on CANCEL to exit or hit OK to select parking.

Timer Screen

The Casual Parking Timer will appear advising you how long you have parked for. This will remain active until you press STOP MY PARKING. For extended periods, the app will work out the best rate to charge the parker.

Stop Screen

After STOP MY PARKING has been pushed, the confirmation screen appears confirming the parking session has ended and confirming the amount your credit card will be charged.

Multiple Sessions

The App now allows you to have multiple long term sessions running with all the normal notifications you would expect advising you when the session is about to expire. You can view your running sessions, on the bottom left corner session tab. Prepaid session's no longer require you to press stop to end the session. As it is a prepaid session the system knows when the expiry is, and will notify you based on your notifications settings when this is about to expire.

This area allows you to view your long-term sessions to see how long you have remaining at a particular site. You can only have one casual session running at any one time and the casual session has been described above. If the timer is not displayed you can select the casual session identified with the arrow within the session list on the session screen. This opens the timer and allows you to stop the session or view the length of stay you have been at the site.

More Options

More options will automatically show at a car park if the car park has other products available to choose from, like evening, or longer stay durations.

You can select the desired option and use the back arrow on the top left corner to land back at the home screen to continue the process of selecting and paying for your prepaid product parking.

Promotional Codes

Promotional Codes (promo code) have been introduced to the App to allow epark operators to offer discounts to users across their national network. A promo code can be added directly from the home screen through the promo code area below the Vehicle Rego selector, or promo codes can be added and viewed from within the Options tab through the "Promotional Code" selector.

On each promo code once added there is the ability to view additional details as to the promo code and depending on the type this will show the value or number of uses left that can be used before expiry. Promo codes can also be added by epark to your account, where you will not need to add the code, and the code will show in your available promo code list next time you refresh the promo code selector screen.

By scrolling down on a screen depending on an individual's phone screen size, the promo code field will show if a promo code is available for the car park selected.

Tap the promo code selection area, which will navigate you to a promo code administration screen.

This screen allows you to add new codes, view codes, codes not available for this session and those codes that have expired recently.

Codes not available for this session are codes you have available but cannot be used for the car park selected.

To add a code, select "Add New Promotional Code"

Enter the promo code supplied into the code field and then select "Add" in the top right hand corner. If successful a message similar to that described below will appear.

If the code you enter has an error e.g. you type the code incorrectly the message will be "Promo code is not valid". You should try again if it keeps happening you need to contact epark to verify you have the correct valid code.

If the code you enter is valid for the current session or car park selected the message will simply be the "promo code has been added".

Once a promo code is entered you can select from the Active Codes to obtain a discount on your parking.

Once selected, use the back button to take you back to the home screen. Then select either the product button or the start my parking casual button. The discount will be applied when the payment for your parking has been actioned.

Options Screen

If the OPTIONS button is pushed, you may change how often the Casual Parking reminders are sent.

The user can also select the reminder time to let them know their Earlybird parking shall end. By Default, this is 15 minutes. Users can also change their default License Plate # and their password.

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